Puerto Caldera: Mata de Limón 

We took the whole day yesterday to chill and lay low. Started out with a long low tide walk around our bay. One of neatest things about the bay we’re on is the abundance of wildlife. When the tide goes out, a river remains that winds through the bay. It’s knee deep and super clear. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve been seeing over the last few days:

We took a short drive to Barranca, a town just a few kilometers down the road in order to find meat and fruit. We wanted a carniceria (meat market/butcher shop) and a fruit stand but we forgot how a lot of things close on Sunday in smaller towns. We did, however, find a nice grocery store with decent prices and we saw some neat roadside tire art.

We stopped on the way back for granizados (snowcones) and the kids and I walked back while Al and Jack drove home.

Once back at the homestead, we took advantage of the high tide to take out the kayak and give it a spin around our little bay. 

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