Atenas: Back to the Mountains

After checking out of the beach house we headed back into the hills. We took the long windy road so we could find a fruit stand and the drive was just gorgeous.

This next vacation rental was one we weren’t quite sure about. We knew it would be interesting, but we couldn’t really figure out how it would be situated or if we’d like it. Turns out, it’s pretty awesome. It’s a lot like a tent in that the sides are canvas, but the inside is finished and modern and it’s not exactly a treehouse. Rather, it’s built on a very sturdy metal tower that acts the part of the tree. The house is suspended above the ground in a central post and there’s a ladder leading up into it. On the first floor, there’s a (small) toilet room, a (small) shower, a kitchen, a bed and sitting area. A ladder goes up into the second floor, a large bedroom area. It’s a kid’s paradise with some hammock like rope beds built into the floor.

I can’t choose just a few pics so here’s a bunch.

There’s a pool, dart board, and ping-pong table about 100 meters away, under the other house on the property which is like a treehouse, but made more permanently, with concrete and all the modern amenities. It’s massive. The owner gave us a tour and pretty much we’re already planning our next trip to stay there.


As if we needed anything more fun, there are goats and chickens! The neatest chicken tractor I’ve ever seen, too.

Oh, and for the cutest more quirky feature? A little bathroom hidden in a bamboo copse:


At night it’s super cute and homey

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