Many Beaches

We hit a bunch of beaches yesterday. First, “our” beach.

Then we got on the road toward Jaco Beach. We’d heard the area is beautiful and there was a Jiu Jitsu place our oldest wanted to check out. On the way, we passed a bridge overlooking the largest congregation of crocodiles we’d ever seen outside of a zoo.

Next up was hermit crab haven. We were trying to find access to some tide pools we saw from the road between Jacó and Playa Hermosa and then best we got to was this delightful cove crawling with crabs. Which was a pretty stellar second best.

After we dropped Jack off at his Jiu Jitsu meet, we drove a bit down the road to Playa Hermosa. We finally got in the water and made some sand art.

Last beach visit of the day was behind Bowie’s Point to see the sunset.

We wrapped up the day back on our beach and had seafood for dinner. The restaurant, La Leda, just down the street from our house, was fantastic, but super pushy. And for an added bonus, a local kitty joined us.

All in all a great day and we were exhausted. I think we were all asleep before our heads hit our pillows 🙂

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