Catarata Bajos del Toro

We have been getting up early every morning since essentially we are camping in a tent. So the typical camping up with the light of the sun thing kicks in. By 8 am we feel like we’ve been up for hours. And we have 😀

Yesterday we had a leisurely morning while Al went to hunter gather in town. Once our treehouse got too hot we went to splash in the pool a bit. It’s not heated and since it does get cool at night, the water is chilly. But it sure is refreshing once the temps get high around 10 am. 

After lunch we took a drive up to the waterfall at Bajos del Toro. It was both a wonderful and terrifying drive. We’re sort of nestled in the mountains here so the villages are very hilly and the highways (a very loose term) are wind to and fro. 

En route, we passed through Sarchi where we saw a gloriously green church and a massive oxcart done in the style of Sarchi. 

As we got higher into the mountains it was clear we were on some very treacherous roads with steep drop offs on both sides. In some places, I’d venture to guess the visibility was about 20 ft. But that didn’t last too long. Fortunately, as I think Al and I were both white knuckling it.

But then, we were rewarded by this: 


This waterfall is reportedly the tallest in Costa Rica and it’s not super easy to get to. Many of the roads we were in were for all intents and purposes one lane. Super curvy and a bit pot hole ridden. When the fog came in, it was pretty confusing, but Luke I said, it wasn’t for too long. The hike to the waterfall is well kept, short, but with a lot of elevation change. The stairs are handy and if you ever find yourself there say yes to the offer of a walking stick. It saved my butt a couple of times.

I’ve been having fun cooking up delicious meals while on vacation so we rounded out the day with some burgers and homemade fries before collapsing into bed:

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