To Fredericksburg, Virginia

My morning office:


Mostly a driving day, we took it a bit easy at the Ripplin’ Waters RV Resort in the morning. After an early morning walk for the grownups, the kids finally started to surface for breakfast a la fresh air.

Today everything got really shaken around inside the trailer. We’d gotten spoiled by the relatively straight roads traveled so far.

We took a brief jog off the highway to catch a glimpse of the famous Bristol Motor Speedway for the NASCAR fans in the van. What a massive structure that place is. It was a ghost town of course, but the kids and Al were able to walk into the bleachers to get a peak at the track.

We pulled into Fredericksburg at the home of the Dodd clan in time for some absolutely delicious food. I took no pics, but you’ll have to trust me that Jennifer makes delectable beef and chicken fajitas, green and red enchiladas, and guac and salsa to die for. Her key lime pie bars are not too shabby either.

Q: how many pics does it take to get a decent picture of spawnomatticians?

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