To Philadelphia!

Yes, please!


Don’t mind if I do!


Nothing like a little bed head and Uno mixed with some other game. A day in the life of an Autobabby. Complete with a very treasured too small WordPress tshirt because he is too big for the little people clothing and too small for the big people clothing.


After some food (YUM), some almost stowaways, coworker pics, and packing up from our delightful, well equipped shady spot in the Dodd front yard, we took off for Philadelphia via Washington, DC.


Arrival in Philadelphia was a bit dramatic. Fortunately we thought to check tunnel restrictions before driving through Baltimore so we knew to go around on the Francis Scott Key bridge. No big deal, in fact, it gave us an opportunity to recall who he was and why there’s a bridge named after him.

My fantastic wonderful friend Alx helped us find a spot to park our trailer. Not without a bit of maneuvering, but he very patiently stuck with us.

Biggest lesson learned: we need to give our selves more time to get into a city and get situated if we’re going to be parking the trailer somewhere. It takes forever to navigate city streets.

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