To Knoxville, Tennessee

I am getting my coffee routine down. I started the day out with this setup. It’s working pretty well 🙂


Last night when we pulled into the Walmart parking lot we were a bit worried it would be noisy, but we found a nice quiet spot far away from everything. The only problem was the heat. With no electrical hookup we can’t use the AC.

In the morning the kids played on the grassy hill next to the trailer while we got ready and Rick found this egg and then Lana found this bird. We still have the egg. The bird, Lana sent off to a happy spot, safe from predators.

We got to Nashville and stopped at the Adventure Science Center. I had a few appointments for work so Al took the kiddos in by himself. Apparently it was super duper great fun.

The only hitch in the day was that none of us realized that the timezone changes from Central to Eastern between Nashville and Knoxville so, we were over an hour late to meet Automatticians Daryl and Deborah and their families at a campground we’d pre-selected.

The campground was really nice for noobs though, it was easy to get everything setup and we were good to go and ready for hotdogs and s’mores.

Wrapped the day up with a major storm, which we weathered valiantly. No leaks in the rig. w00t!

My only regret is not getting a group pic. We had 8 spawnomatticians all in one place!

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