To Dyersburg, Tennessee

I woke up this morning to the most amazing bird chorus. I am used to hearing morning doves, pigeons, and the odd woodpecker in Albuquerque and so the birds in Checotah, Oklahoma were so enthusiastic that they woke me out of a deep sleep. It wasn’t just one or two types of bird calls, rather 10 or 15 distinct sounds. Amazing. I don’t remember every hearing anything quite like it.

After a quick breakfast, we were off to Siloam Springs, Arkansas to meet with a fellow Automattician. The pic is fuzzy, you may blame the barista.

Brian, Laura, babby, and me

Siloam Springs is the cutest little town. Seriously. And the little coffee shop, Pour Jon, was even cuter. Check out these drinks:

Bear Bunny


While I chatted with Brian and his family, my kiddos and Al explored a nearby park:

Later in the afternoon, we needed a dump station (yay!) and we finally found one that looked good in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Walnut Ridge was not a remarkable town, but it had some cute Beatles stuff for some reason:


Then we found a park to run the kids around and get the wiggles out, had hot dogs again, because I screwed up and we forgot to buy meat for Sloppy Joe’s.

Tonight we’ll overnight in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

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