Philadelphia or Bust – Day One

Heading out to WordCamp Philadelphia, we’re taking the opportunity to visit some sights along the way. Here’s us at our first stop, not an hour out of ABQ and one of the kids had to pee already ūüėÄIMG_9445

It took us forever to get out of the house this morning. In true Arnold style, we had a bunch of people over last night for a church function so we were all a bit tired, but we managed to haul everyone out of bed and on the road only an hour late.

I think we got the van hitched up in record time, Al is getting good at getting the van backed up right to the hitch. Kids all helped and we were off by 9.

Today we made more stops than we really should have. We opted not to stop for sightseeing though. I guess it’s another year of driving by the Oklahoma City Memorial, Carhendge, the largest cross in the western hemisphere, etc saying, “yeah, maybe next time we drive through we’ll stop there.”

We¬†learned to keep a really close eye on the gas as it can really run down fast and if there’s nothing for another 50 miles we could be royally screwed. Stayed the night in Chacotah¬†dry camping at Walmart.


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