Country Fill Setting: Sanitizing the Fresh Water Tank the Right Way

If you have a 2016 Jayco Redhawk Class C motorhome you might feel a little bit of my pain. Did you ever try to actually sanitize your fresh water tank? Yeah? Couldn’t? Neither could we.

The first time we took our Redhawk out for a boondocking session, we were aiming to run everything dry. Use all the water, run things till the battery was drained. We wanted to see how long we could be out without plugging into a power source.

It didn’t take long. No worries, we have a generator so we were fine. We had read that you can fill the tank with a short hose and a bucket of water, so we gave it a whirl. There are a couple dials, you set them in the right positions, attach one end of the hose to the intake, the other goes into the bucket of water. And voila! Water goes into the tank and you’re good to go.

Except not.

We waited.

And waited.

You know how a watched pot never boils? In this case, it was like the stove was out. Ok, maybe that doesn’t work in this case. But you get what I mean. This was not happening.

The problem is that in order to sanitize our fresh water tanks we have to have this feature working because you have to be able to get bleach inside the fresh water tank. So we’ve basically been buying drinking water, which is annoying. I’m not even going to try to describe the various ways we’ve tried to get bleach into the tank.

So yesterday we went to the Jayco factory for a tour and some service on our motorhome and while there we asked them to solve this mystery. It was delightfully simple.

The pump is just simply not strong enough to create enough suction to bring water in from a bucket. There is a little removable mesh dealio sitting inside the intake that keeps gunk out and behind that there is a little button that needs to be pressed in by the force of the water This works great when water is going into the camper from a water spigot. All you do is remove that mesh thinger and turn it around. And then like magic! It works.

Here it is in pictures:


Seriously. This is amazing. I have searched high and low for an answer, going so far as to call the dealer that sold us the unit. They were super nice but had no advice. And it turns out, all you have to do is turn the little doohicky around. Wow.The Jayco people have started making a Customer Quick Guide for specific units and they gave us a copy.

The Jayco people have started making a Customer Quick Guide for specific units and they gave us a copy so now we know All the Things.


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