Tour of the Jayco Factory

Today we had a tour of the Jayco Factory in Middlebury, Indiana. What a tour! A customer service representative took the six of us through the entire process from sawed off van to complete motorhome and wow. What a process to put together a home on wheels.

Here we are looking very cool in our reflective vests and protective glasses.

Jayco Factory, Middlebury, IN9

They start with an E 450 with the back sawed off and heavy duty supports.


Then this guy gets to play Spiderman, wearing a harness, running up and down a ramp, lining up the pre-built cabinets and walls and such. Pretty much, he has the coolest job.

The whole operation is running on tracks in an assembly line, the workers are running around like crazy, working as fast as possible, and QA people wander from unit to unit, double-checking the work. Each worker has their specific job they do over and over throughout the day.


We see the parts of the motorhome every day as a whole, but seeing the individual parts was neat, like this floor here. There are stacks of refrigerators, air conditioners, floors, ceilings, toilets, hot water tubing, electrical wires everywhere.


Here is one looking a bit closer to the finished product.

IMG_0230They build the slides as units, apparently somehow keeping track of the exact pieces that are cut out of which wall and matching those together. I just can’t even imagine how they keep track of all this. It was a kind of controlled chaos. Here are the slides and some wall pieces, waiting to be matched to their motorhome.

Our group, looking serious as Arnolds tend to look.


We happened to catch a wall as it was moved into place and attached to the side of a unit:

And the finished product.

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