Parque Natural Metropolitano and a Flat Tire 

You know how a day will be going by swimmingly and then suddenly BAM something annoying happens? That was our Wednesday.

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The culprit #flat #roadwarriors #funtimes

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As far as locations to have a flat tire go, we lucked out. We were in a mall parking lot, we were not in a hurry to get anywhere, and we had just gotten groceries so we’re weren’t in any danger of starving.

Prior to our flat tire, we went to  the Parque Metropolitano to take a couple short hikes.

We saw an armadillo, an ant eater, some turtles, and an interesting dragonfly like creature. So an excellent animal sighting day for the kiddos.

We also climbed some vines:

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Climbing a vine #latergram

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One of the trails took us up to a lookout point over the city and then down past these ancient military or canal structures that are now grown over with foliage.

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