Tromping Through the Jungle

Yesterday we took a stroll through the rainforest and climbed a viewing tower up above the canopy.

While it was lovely and we had water, juice, and snacks, we were dripping, absolutely dripping, with sweat. And it wasn’t even a long walk. And we took it at half-Arnold pace.

We drove into Gamboa, a little old town in the old Panama Canal Zone and out on a dirt road to the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center.

An interesting thing about most of the tourist spots here in Panama (and in a few other Central American countries I’ve visited) is that tourists pay a significant bit more than residents. So like in Costa Rica, we paid 15 each to see Volcan Poas while residents pay like 5 bucks. But then on the plus side, more often than not, kids 12 and under are free or pay a nominal amount. So for this place our two youngest paid 2 bucks each and the rest of us paid $20. 20 for a 2km wander through the forest is a bit overmuch, but the canopy tower was super super amazing.

Fantastic view of Gatun Lake

We found a monkey!

The funniest part was the coffee station at the midpoint of the trail.  Some coffee fairy has piping hot delicious coffee ready for weary hikers. Amazing.

Coffee station in the middle of the jungle #Gamboa #panama

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