Riverwalk: Take 2

We realized that the Riverwalk is actually a much longer trail than just the cute little roundabout through the touristy shops, and since we are nothing if not thorough, we went back to walk the upper and lower parts. It was a long walk, our various step counting devices registered between 8 and 10 miles. Yeah, that’s quite a discrepancy, but that’s not the subject of this post.

What is the subject of this post is how lovely the trail is. The upper end has a set of locks and the lower end has a dam and parking space for the river boats. We started at the Alamo and then walked up to the locks and then a little below the dam, but wanted to stick more to trails without bikes so we didn’t stray too far past that.

We saw a number of interesting fauna, including an un-pictured water moccasin (shiver). But the neatest thing were the turtles. They’re everywhere and oh so cute.

The fauna:

The locks and dams:

Remember the Alamo (and other neat pics):

It goes without saying that we were a hot sweaty mess too. I think I have already mentioned how our New Mexican selves are melting in the humidity. Makes air conditioning super lovely.

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