Provo for a Few Days

Heading into Provo we saw this little train yard, like a home for train cars that no longer live on the railroad track. A couple of the cars looked like they’d been converted into little cottages, but we couldn’t see any signs around saying what the lot was.

Our campground came complete with nice bathrooms and some lovely shade, right by a river. A bit heavy on the mosquito population though.

While in Provo, we met up with my colleague, Velda, and her kids. We took everyone to laser tag and hung out for dinner at her place. Vela makes a mean sourdough bread. To round out dinner, Al and Jack went to the store and bought tons of sweet goodies.

The day after hanging our with Velda, the kids, Al, and I took a hike up to the Y on the hill overlooking town. The hike is only about a mile and a half, but it is pretty much straight uphill with a ton of switchbacks. Super intense, but we made it. Amazing views.

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