RV Cooking Firsts: I Made Rice in a Bag

So, I made rice in a bag.



The last few days ave been heavy on road food: tortilla chips, raw veggies, humus, salsa, tuna salad. I was ready for some real food. But we only have two burners on our stove so I need fast things, preferably one pot things.

I saw this rice while shopping and thought, well, why not?

Cooking something in a plastic bag kind of gives me the shivers, but it won’t kill me if I do it once or twice, right?

The result was not bad!




Topped with yummy chicken curry and it was a pleasing meal if I do say so myself. My 8 and 10 year olds ate it and mostly agree although curry is not their favorite meal. But no one complained about the rice.


2 replies to “RV Cooking Firsts: I Made Rice in a Bag

  1. Is that a bad thing?

    The rice? I was raised to make every thing from scratch all the time. The only convenience food we used was macaroni and cheese from a box and very rarely. So, old habits die hard I guess and I’ve never explored any kind of quick rice. Even picking it off the shelf made me feel I was breaking a rule of some sort 😀

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