Sioux Falls to Las Vegas, Part One

We said goodbye to Grandma Jan and all our friends in Sioux Falls and hit the road on Saturday morning en route Las Vegas. Day one was a lovely drive down the back roads of Highway 18 and 44 through Parker, Winner, Rosebud, and Pine Ridge.

First we had to get over the Missouri River which is always a beautiful experience.


One of the sites we’ve long wanted to see was Wounded Knee and it’s just a few miles off the route we planned. In all the years we lived in South Dakota we never went there because it’s super remote.  So we took the opportunity since we were more or less driving by and while it’s not very exciting it was well worth it.

It’s also not well documented in terms of tourism. Google Wounded Knee Monument if you’re curious why.

I’m glad we went out of our way to see it. The woman selling her wares in the parking lot was happy to share stories and showed me historical newspaper clippings. Be warned that if you ever decide to visit there are guys in the cemetery who will ask for money. They will, however, tell you fascinating stories about the people buried in the cemetery.


After leaving South Dakota behind, we drove by this unique structure just north of Alliance, Nebraska. They call it Carhenge.

Apparently we narrowly avoided some crazy weather just outside of Cheyenne, but we caught this amazing rainbow.

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