Joshua Tree

Our first attempt at Joshua Tree at the beginning of our trip was a bit of a bust. This time, on our way home was really fun. The weather was perfect and the trails were fun. Our first night out of the LA area

We spent the night at a dry lake bed BLM on the other side of the highway from Joshua Tree Park. It was impossible to take a picture, but the full moon that night made the entire lake bed look like the surface of Mars or the moon. It was eerie and beautiful at the same time. Here it is in the daylight:

Joshua Tree is not the easiest place to get around in a trailer though, the parking lots aren’t very big and there’s not a lot of places to turn around on the long road through the park, but we managed to have a good time and grab some nice pics.

The kids thought this rock looked like some creature out of Star Wars.


That night we slept in Earp, AZ at a BLM free campground. It was hard to find in the dark, but really pretty in the daylight.

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