Big Thicket National Preserve, Texas

Big Thicket is probably not a place that makes it onto the big tourist brochures and really, the only reason we went there was because we needed to have a stop between Corpus Christi and New Orleans on our way east. But there is a lot to like about the area. Just outside of a town called Kountze, this national preserve boasts 113,000 acres of public lands and water. We found a quaint little campground right near the trails we wanted to take. Right in the thick of the Big Thicket, as it were.

If you love hiking in lush woods, this is the place for you. I can’t do it justice here but I’ll try. Think dense. And then add layers and layers of thicket amongst the trees. Walking along the trails, the foliage is practically impenetrable. And if you can possibly get your 3 kids to stop chattering away constantly you can hear that classic muted forest sound. If you don’t know what I mean, you can google dense woodland sounds 😁

Animal sightings:

Forest trails:

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