Rest Days: Picnic in Parque Omar

Tuesday we had a down day. Too many long days to the beach and we get overtired. I know it’s a tough life but someone’s got to do it.

Since the city is essentially deserted what with everyone bein in the country side for Carnavales, we took ourselves to a nice city park called Parque Omar. I spent a little time there as a kid. Our youth orchestra practiced there for a time. It was fun to see the old buildings again. Brought back lots of memories.

Other than that old building this a park has improved a lot over the years. There are some neat sculptures and good trails for running and strolling. And family selfies during a picnic:

To be perfectly honest, our main purpose for visiting this park was our quest for raspa’os. We found them.

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Raspao #happyplace

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And check out this museum piece 🙂

After all that, we dropped by one of the churches that we used to spend time at back when I lived here. Happily, there was a workshop going on when we stopped and we were invited in to see the place and say hi to some old friends.

As a capstone to the day, we met for coffee with my friend, Mani and her boyfriend, Felix.

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