Flower Farm and Beach

We’re staying in a super cute apartment on a flower farm about an hour outside of the city. It’s really super nice other than that it’s about an hour to get into town. If you’re lucky. Without crazy traffic. But it puts us closer to beaches and it’s gorgeous and quiet so it’s worth it. 

From there we went to Gorgona, one of the closest beaches to our farm. It’s harder to get to a beach without gobs of people so this one  is perfect. We can see beachfront skyscrapers from there but it’s pretty quiet and serene. We spotted a few jellyfish on the sand as the tide went out too so added wildlife bonus there. 

We also took a quick drive to El Valle, a little village up in the mountains with a great market even on weekdays. I took the opportunity to get another Cuna  bracelet. 🙂

We are pretty remote right now so posts are going to come a little slower and only when we’re a little closer to civilization. 

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