Thanksgiving on the Road

It’s been a number of years since we did a holiday on the road. When we lived in South Dakota it was something of a tradition but somehow Albuquerque kept us near for most winter holidays. I’ll never forget our first Thanksgiving, mere weeks after arriving on New Mexico. It was warm and wonderful and we spent the afternoon at a park. 

This year we decided to head to Death Valley to try Thanksgiving in the motorhome. I read up a bit on the experience of other road warriors and decided we can definitely do this. 

Slow cooker roast

Naturally, I am blogging, while my daughter makes a white sauce for the green beans. Last night we popped the roast in the slow cooker. My middle son made the dressing earlier this morning in the electric skillet. The potatoes are boiling on the stove next to the makings for the gravy. In a bit, when there’s room, my oldest is going to make the scalloped corn while I mash the potatoes. Somehow we’ll figure out how to make sure it’s all warm and then we’ll sit down to a scrumptious meal. 

Looking up a white sauce recipe

Sage Dressing/stuffing
Potatoes boiling

The best part. Green beans and French fried onions

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