LBJ: Viva la Homeschooling

The wildflowers were impressive, the living history farm was neat, and the presidential residence was extremely educational, but you know what the best part was?

Visiting the old school house where LBJ signed a major education bill to improve primary and secondary education in the United States. With our homeschooled kids. Because the education system in the US is broken nearly beyond repair.

The story goes that he learned to read while sitting on the lap of his lovely teacher in a one room school house. There were a handful of other students in the school, mixed age kids, learning together in a small intimate setting. He claimed the experience was amazing and wonderful and taught him the importance of education. Yet, when it came time to enact legislation to “fix” the system, he put into effect (and to be fair, continued the work begun by others) a process that took us away from the picture he extolled as the ideal. Viva la Homeschooling.


Living farm:

Presidential home:


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