A Day in Red Canyon

We spent the day hiking in Red Canyon, part of the Dixie National Forest. From what we read online, many people pass through Red Canyon, stop at the pull offs to take picture of the breathtaking red rock formations and then go on to Bryce Canyon. We decided to spend the day hiking the numerous trails and it was well worth the time. We got the last hike in just as we saw storm clouds gathering in the distance, racing against the clock since we knew the weather for the next few days was going to be not great.

When we got to Red Canyon in the morning the Visitor’s Center was packed with buses and RVs. Around lunch time it was a ghost town and later in the afternoon it picked up again. I assume folks head through in the morning and afternoon on their way to or from more poular places.

There were very few people on the trails and some of the trails looked like they needed a little upkeep. At least a little widening of the trail like the one pictured below. It was a fantastic hike, but any narrower and I would have been terrified.

aRed Canyon, Utah12

The best hike was the last. I was a bit worried as we could tell rain was on it’s way, but it was super short at .7 miles so we raced around, saw it all, got back to the van, and back to our campground before the rain fell.

aRed Canyon, Utah85

Here you can see the weather coming in:


The views just did not disappoint and if you ever get a chance to visit this part of the country do not skip by Red Canyon. The trails were all manageable and there were plenty that were 2 miles or less, making for a quick enoyable outing.

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