Zion National Park, Utah

The thing I will never forget about Zion National Park is the overzealous squirrels. They are everywhere! And they have no shame whatsoever. Here they are hinting very heavily that they want our rice cakes and Nutella (we did not feed them, we are very good at reading signs):

But I get ahead of myself. Our day at Zion started with a drive along the scenic highway through a couple dark tunnels, pitch black at a certain point, quite an experience!

Then we had to park our van in the town near the Ranger Station and take a shuttle to the trails. My understanding is that years ago the road to the trails was open to the public. But there’s just not enough room for all the traffic that goes there now. So, we parked, stuffed as much water and snacks as we could into our backpacks and took off. Here we are waiting for the shuttle:

We stuck to the shorter hikes for the day, so we could see more in the short time we were there. All in all, while I was annoyed that we had to park and haul our gear in, I would definitely go back. Here’s a sampling:

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