Desert Shadows RV park

Desert Shadows is one of the RV parks Al was able to find on the outskirts of Phoenix where the seemingly default setting of 55 and over had an exception for kids. Our kiddos were excited when they saw there was a billiard room and then crushed when they discovered kids were under no circumstances allowed to touch the pool tables. Apparently Phoenix hadn’t caught onto the fact that RVing isn’t  just for old peeps anymore.

Nonetheless, it was a good spot to park. We got a space right by the entrance so it was easy in and out. The whole place was xeroscaped with rocks, a few orange trees, but we were not there for the scenery so we overlooked it.

We were in Phoenix for a event at which I was giving a talk about mobile blogging so it was only fitting that my dad and I got  his Android to the WordPress mobile app.  Here he is giving it a whirl:

Before my husband, the kids, and I took off to check into the hotel for the conference, the kids played some poker with Grandpa.

And they took a quick swim in the pool. During the approved kid hours, of course.

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