Los Angeles

So, remember how we saw the Griswolds in their station wagon waaay back in Holbrook, Arizona? Well, here they are in the Walmart parking lot in Valencia, California. Amazing.


This is our home in the LA area. About a mile from Disneyland. Every night we saw the BEST fireworks over the back wall.



We had one of our first dramatic RVing episodes just after moving into this new home. Nutshell, took us a while to find a reasonable RV park and once Al got the rig parked, our van died and had to be towed to a nearby shop. But after it all settled down, we started to enjoy ourselves and the kids really enjoyed the pool.




Since we were stuck without the van, Al found stuff to do close by. One such activity was Downtown Disney, the sort of “please come in and spend gobs of money at Disneyland” area. The kids had a good time.


15000095773_06c2e687d5_k       15620265395_e6f2721ea6_k

Jack had been asking for SPAM. He’s wanted to try it since we saw a wall of SPAM on a previous trip. So we went wild and grilled it.



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