Day One: San Francisco or Bust

This is the weather that we started our trip out with today. Goodbye New Mexico! wind gusts of 45 mph, no thank you very much.


Road trip music so far: Elvis and Johnny Cash. At one point some of us (I’ll not divulge the identity to protect his innocence) were singing at the top of our lungs to “It’s Now or Never”.

This happened:


Arnolds never fall asleep in the car. Also this kid is like me, kind of a bear after a nap. Yikes.

Driving into the sunset to the music of Fresh Aire:


Just outside Holbrook, Arizona we saw an old school station wagon stuffed to the brim wih luggage and a kid in the rear seat. Suitcases strapped to the top and everything, totally reminded us of National Lampoons. Perhaps this is what we used to look like on our road trips in our old Taurus.

Just outside if Winslow we put on The Eagles because well, you know, Winslow 🙂

Pulled into Flagstaff BLM 9ish. Found a spot, unhitched, oo’ed and aah’ed at the stars, turned on the generator, warmed up, ate ramen noodles, checked the wifi situation, and headed to bed.

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