Visit to San Lorenzo Canyon

On Friday we packed up and took off to Lemitar, New Mexico just north of Socorro. There’s some fantastic BLM lands there with free camping so we thought we’d check it out. Super easy to find and right off the highway so pretty easy with the Coyote.

Also, we just got a generator so we wanted to try it out in the wild. It works great 🙂

After setting up camp and grilling hotdogs, we decided to try and get a fire going since there was a bit of wood laying around. Here’s the crew, super excited at the prospect.

I figured since we had nothing else going on, why not a little family bonding over a hard to light fire? Some of us thought this wood was too wet, but that’s nothing to hardy campers like us.



The naysayers were proven wrong. Once we got it going it was fantastic.




One of the reasons we picked this location was so we could visit San Lorenzo Canyon, so Saturday morning we took a 2 mile hike into the canyon.

Oh, and Frankie found an amphibian of some sort


After packing up we decided to stop at Sevilleta Wildlife Preserve on the way home for one more hike.

We wrapped it up with a Happy Hour at Sonic in Belen. Overall, another satisfying mini trip.


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