Manzano Mountains State Park

Trip Highlights:

Chilling in our chairs under the awning

Father son bonding by the dump station

Silly Frankie faces in the shade

We escaped from the city late in the afternoon to head to the east side of the Manzanos, the mountain range to the southeast of Albuquerque.

This time we bought no “camping” food, just grabbed what we had in the fridge. In the morning, Al and Jack took the trailer up to our RV service people to have them take a look at the weird bend in the ball of the hitch, everything checked out on the trailer but we did drop some coin to replace the ball.

When they came home and I wrapped up work we threw our clothes, food, and other odds and ends in the van and were on our way.

First stop was to the local free dump station. We had been “fermenting” some water in the black tank for a few days to be sure we had no blockage so we had to dump before heading out.

We took the long way around south and pulled into the park at about 8pm. Got hung up in some branches as the park is pretty dense, but managed to not kill any trees. We got one of the last spots with no hookups waaaaaay in the back. The park attendant was apologetic, but we loved it.

Here’s our cute spot in the dusk:

Stars were amazing and sleeping was super nice with just a tiny breeze bringing the cool mountain air inside.

After sleeping in we explored the trails. They were all moderate to easy with good shade and a few fantastic views.

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