Omaha to Albuquerque, via Denver

Our drive home took us through Nebraska. Now, no offense to people who live in Nebraska, but driving through Nebraska is the worst.

On a gas stop in North Platte, we saw this nifty Fort Cody Trading Post near the gas station. It’s essentially a gift shop with some neat Buffalo Bill memorabilia and a fort sort of thing in the back. Apparently Buffalo Bill is from North Platte so yay for homeschool moments 🙂 If you’re ever in the area, the miniature Wild West show is phenomenal.

We made it to Denver the first night and spent the night in the Cabela’s parking lot. In the morning while I breakfasted with some workmates, Al took the kids to the Denver Zoo.


We took a stop off at my Aunt and Uncle’s in Colorado Springs. She’s always great to talk to and the kids love to see the horses she boards. After some ice cream with garden fresh rhubarb we headed on to the next stop.

Last stop before heading on home to ABQ was La Junta for an overnight in the Walmart parking lot and then Old Bent’s Fort, an old trading post on what was the border between the US and Mexico. Super neat living history museum, it totally has the Arnold seal of approval.

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